Scar Photos

A unique skill set is required to properly photograph scars, burns, road rash, and similar cases. With more than 20 years experience as a Medical Photographer in a hospital setting, our photographer is one of the most qualified individuals in this region. When clients are able to come in for photos of their scars, studio lighting is used to provide precise control of highlights and shadows. This results in greater definition to the image of the scar.

Often, lighting techniques are used that allow a shadow to be cast alongside a scar to make it stand out more. If the scars need to be photographed while the client is still in the hospital, a bounce flash technique is usually used, with a fill card, to provide the best quality lighting possible under the circumstances. Our photographer also has a variety of measuring scales at hand that have been specifically designed for use in forensic photography to provide the viewer with a sense of the true size of the scar.

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